Alcoholism Cure Book-Sugggestions for getting sober

Is there an alcoholism cure?  By reading the big book, which is considered the alcoholics bible of the AA program, I discovered the chapter where it suggests that the addiction is a disease. Not all diseases have a remedy, but I personally experienced freedom through reading several spiritual writings. One of them my Christian faith is founded upon, the Holy Bible. I did read the Alcoholics Anonymous literature and do attribute much of my success at getting sober to the AA program. It was there that my faith in God was renewed.

It’s my understanding that several books are available explaining how to get cured through Holistic medicine. One of which I discovered on the Amazon website that claims if you read their book, “you will learn how to cure your alcoholism or addiction.”

Learning form a book what the cure for the disease is  and actually getting healed because you applied the steps found inside are two different things. It’s been my experience that there were several influences that helped me to overcome my addiction struggles.

To cure my alcoholism addiction it took several things working together.

1)    People helped me through group meetings and personal friendships by mentoring me with the techniques that had helped them to stay sober.
2)    By serving others who were struggling with an alcohol addiction, I was able to stay focused on my own recovery.
3)    By reading books about alcoholism, I was able to find techniques that helped cure the addiction. On a daily basis I still apply many those techniques.
4)    Self discipline was the main thing. When a thought to get a drink catches you by surprise, it’s your responsibility to take it captive and kill it. That’s the beginning go taking control over your own destiny for recovery.

Is it possible to stop drinking alcohol by just changing your diet?

I recently came across a book giving the cure for an alcoholism addiction through nutrition. Their claim is that you can overcome an addiction to alcohol in seven weeks by changing your eating habits. I would venture to say that it’s equally important to change your drinking habits as well. The book addresses things like cigarette smoking, caffeine consumption and hundreds of other things that affect our physical bodies. Recovery through a nutritional approach is a new alternative to traditional methods. Personally, I think that it’s just another resourceful method to add to the tools we need to get sober and stay that way.

Although there are many suggested ways of getting sober an alcoholism cure book does sound inviting. I think that anything that we can find which will feed or desire to get sober is a good thing. One of the things that many Al-anon program participants and AA meeting’s people say is: “take what you like and leave the rest.” The same would apply to any book for curing alcoholism.

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