Help For The Spouse Of An Alcoholic

These tips are not just for the spouse of an alcoholic husband. They will help you in any relationship where alcohol or drug addiction is present. Today make a commitment to enjoy your life no matter what comes your way. Remember to smile, laugh and love everyone without conditions.

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  • Laureen

    I have been applying these suggestions for the past year and have found a large measure of success in coping with my alcoholic spouse. My peace of mind and serenity has been restored to the extent that I no longer think of severing ties with him.
    This is not to say that everything is ideal but I find that since I no longer obsess about his drinking I can enjoy with him the things we love in common. When he goes drinking or comes home drunk I have so many things to occupy my time. I love expanding my knowledge and spend time doing this uninterrupted while he is sleeping off his liquor.
    I use the time to chat with friends, my adult children or my grand-children, read, take care of myself with a pedicure,or facial etc, or read the Bible and pray.
    Life is good despite his drinking and I am thankful to God for all the good times while I hope to grow emotionally and spiritually from the not so good ones.

    Thank you so much for this forum. May God bless you.

  • C

    Am trying to go on with my life but the situation has put me almost in a stopped position. I was a
    Type A person when I met my Abf. His drinking and inability to do anything on the spur of the moment has been a real problem. He drinks every single day – all day. I have tried to talk to him about the consequences, but it does absolutely no good. He is retired and is wasting his life.

    I think anyone who buys liquor no matter where, should be tested! If they are an alcoholic, then they should not be able to get any!

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