About Us

In 1998 I hit my bottom and quit drinking alcohol. I did this through attending support group meetings and with help from God.

A few years later a very close family member had accelerated in their multiple addictions, alcoholism being the main one. Because of the daily frustrations associated with living with this person, I soon found my way into another twelve step program.

Yes, I am a double winner. For many years now I have been living my life by using the twelve steps to stay sober and to also be able to live with active alcoholism.

I have many great truths that have helped be be able to cope with this horrible disease that we call alcoholism.

I have much to share that can benefit not only the family members and friends of active drinkers but also the alcoholic as well.

Within the pages of this website you will find many resources to help you live a victorious life, just for today.

Owner: JC