Audios on Coping With Alcoholics

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Learn how to deal with any alcoholic or drug addict. These proven methods
work wonders when coping with a spouse, child, boss, friend or co-workers
who have addition issues. Loving detachment for an alcoholic is the key…

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  1. How to Stop Arguing With the Alcoholic (7min 19 Sec)
  2. I Know You are Lying (2 Min 57 Sec)
  3. Three Ways to Never Confront Them Again (5 Min 7 Sec)

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Here are the Lessons

Late Nights Alone

The Alcoholics Best Friend

Detaching From an Alcoholic

Breaking the Obsession

How to Stop Arguing With an Alcoholic

I Know You Are Lying

What Makes a Alcoholic Stop Drinking

Being Kind to an Alcoholic

Understanding an Alcoholics Behaviors

Broken Promises

Who is the Alcoholic

Alcoholics Keep us Angry and Anxious

The Personality Trait of Steeling

How to Stop Reacting

What to Expect as They Get Sober

Three Ways to Never Confront Again

Pain Greater Than Fear

Appreciating What I Have

Being a Caretaker

Secrets of Our Dysfunctional Lives

Selfish Alcoholics

Losing a Person to Alcoholism

Getting a Grip

A Story of Hope

Stepping Out of the Past and Away From The Future

Overcoming Anxiety

Just Say No

We Don’t Do Guilt

Always Say Goodbye

Why We Need Recovery

Preparing for When They Hit Bottom

Why Should the Entire Family Have to Suffer

What if They Get Arrested

How Many Times Must I Forgive

Understanding the Craving

Dealing With Outbursts of Rage

Saying Things We Don’t Mean

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Once you learn how to detach from an alcoholic the proper way, you will be amazed at how much better your life will be. These lessons will provide everything you need for coping with the alcoholic in your life successfully.