Wife Driving Me Crazy Drinking All the Time

A Friend’s Rant:
“My wife is just about driving me insane. She is acting crazy when it comes to drinking all the time. I mean she functions well enough to keep her job, but my God the way she is acting when she is not working is absolutely insane. I’m beginning to wonder if she is having an affair or something. I mean, I’ve never thought that she would get hitched with another man, but all of the indicators are there that she is up to something.

There are times when she won’t come home all night long. Is this anyway for someone to live who is married? I always thought that we would have a certain amount of respect for one another because of our love, but she is demonstrating more affection toward drinking alcohol than me. Something is just not right with this relationship.”

Insane Alcoholic WomanThis is a summary of a good friend of mine whose wife is driving the family crazy because she is rarely home. Everyone in the family is suffering because of her addiction to alcohol. Even the cats and dogs don’t get the affection that she once gave them. As he told me his woes, he asked me if I thought that she was having an affair. I responded and said; “yes, she is in love with the alcohol.” She is actually more committed to satisfying the yearning for a drink than she is for satisfying her real husband.

I really did not think in any way that she was having a sexual affair. The thought crossed my mind that perhaps she was having an emotional affair with one of the guys who lived down the street. I was very confident that she was romancing the bottle though.

Alcoholics always act crazy when it comes to being dedicated to drinking more than the attending to the family life. Husbands and wives all over the world have to suffer because of their family member’s choice to constantly be chasing an alcoholic beverage.

When my friend told me that his wife was driving him crazy because she was drinking every day, I recalled many people that I know who have similar issues. Alcohol is cunning, baffling and powerful. If you are facing difficulties with your wife or husband who is drinking way too much, get yourself into the AL-anon program NOW! Al-anon really works!

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  • Excellent post. My wife had an affair with Ernest and Julio Gallo and then she dumped them for the Modavi Brothers. At times, I can easily imagine that this was what it feels like to have a spouse cheat on you.

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