Excuse for Drinking Alcohol at Christmas

This is a great tip that will help you understand an alcoholic’s behavior. They will use anything and everything as an excuse to get a drink. Drinking alcohol around the holidays or during Christmas is just what they are going to do.

Understand this, they are going to drink and use you as an excuse. The will find any and every reason in the world to consume this mind altering substance during the holidays.

So, don’t let all of this upset you. Make a decision to enjoy your Christmas even if the problem drinker in your family  makes up every excuse in the world to get drunk.

Be strong and have a happy Christmas even if they do decide to drink like a fish.

You don’t have any control over the addicts choices. You do however have complete control over your choices during this season of celebration.

When we can learn to get our focus off of the alcoholic and onto better more positive things, then we can enjoy Christmas to the fullest.

The alcoholic in our lives will make a ton of excuses during the Christmas holidays for why they need to get a drink. We may even be one of them. Remember, we don’t do guilt.

It’s up to us to make right choices and the first one that needs to be made is to enjoy Christmas even if they are sober or not.

A good friend of mine has often said; “have a nice day unless you’ve made other plans.” Our attitudes during this season revolve around our choice to either have a great Christmas or to let the alcoholic’s in our lives affect our moods.

Don’t make excuses for the alcoholic or yourself, just decide to have a happy holiday no matter what.

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  • ross

    I reluctantly had my alcoholic husband over for thanksgiving. He had been shunning me again and i decided
    it might be best to not have him over. he had up and said he wanted to talk during his time off and that i would be glad to hear whet he had to say.needless to say.he came over, ate and after family went home, he made an excuse to back out and blame me over something silly to leave( and go drink is my guess.)i felt like a heel because i shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up (not much) that he might have anything to say. he’s been saying he would get help for awhile and backs out and shuns me.its a cycle. i don’t count on what he says about that much of the time…

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