Making Someone Quit Drinking Alcohol

young girl drinking alcoholI’m not sure that it’s possible, making someone that you love quit drinking,  seems like an unreasonable idea. Alcohol destroys the lives of friends and family members on a daily basis. If there was an easy way of making someone quit consuming the various kinds of alcoholic beverages there would be a lot less heartache in the world.

Can you begin to imagine how many peoples lives are affected by problem drinkers? Perhaps I can help you. Most grocery stores dedicate an entire isle for stocking alcohol and then right next door to the main store there will be a liquor store as well.

This is no small problem that we are dealing with here. I wish I had an easy cure for you or your loved one. I can offer this advice though, if you are making an effort to help someone quit drinking, let them go.

What I mean is that nothing that you try to do is going to cause them to put down the alcohol that they are addicted to. They will only be ready to quit when they hit a “bottom.” how do I know this? I was addicted to this substance and also grew up with alcoholic parents. I’ve attened AA meetings for over ten years and been a faithful attender to Al-anon meetings for the past seven years. Trust me, ther’s nothing that you can do to make them stop drinking.

You can be prepared for when they decide to quit on thier own though. How you ask? By reasearching treatment faculities in your area. When the alcoholic  finally hit bottom you will be ready to help them with their problem.

adults drinking alcoholMaking someone quit drinking alcohol is really impossible because we all have a free will and choices that govern our lives. We can beg them, plead with them and even threaten them, do you think that will make a difference, probably not.

Here’s what you can do though, get yourself some help coping with the affects of dealing with a problem drinker. You can be certain that there are support group meetings somewhere in your community that can help you learn how to accept the situation for what it is. You are not going to be able to do this on your own. It’s going to take the help of others to get you through this very difficult time. If you do not find help, the obsession of what they are doing will consume your life.

I’ve never really heard of anyone succeed at making anyone stop drinking alcohol. I have heard of family intervention that worked. This is basically when friends and family get together and tell the alcoholic or alcoholics in their lives how much they love them and desire to get help for them. This approach works sometimes.

Sometimes people get “baker-acted” and are able to get sober long enough to make a decision to quit drinking. Oftentimes this approach doesn’t work though. The reason being is that it was forced on them. Here gain making someone quit drinking is really almost a fantasy. They must decide to change themselves.

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