My Brother/ Sister Drinking Alcohol What Should I Do?

The biggest thing about families who have someone drinking alcohol in them is that they keep things a secret. DON”T DO THAT! It’s really important to not ignore the situation of your younger, older, or teenage brother or sister who is drinking alcohol. You should let someone know about it who is an adult in your life. Too many kids get in serious trouble due to the nature of their drinking problems, because you love your sibling let an adult in on what is happening.

I know this may seem as though you are breaking a promise that you have made to them, but it doesn’t matter. What is wrong is wrong!! If nothing ever gets said and something happens to them because of their alcohol consumption, you don’t want to have to deal with that kind of guilt. They may be mad at you if they find out, but you can just tell them that you love them. Besides people who drink are always mad at someone, it’s not your fault they are choosing to drink. It’s hard to have tough love with alcoholics but it must be done.

Even though we cannot stop someone from doing the hurtful things they are trying, we can say that we love them by not sweeping the situation under the carpet and ignoring that a brother or sister is having a serious problem with alcohol.

blonde sisters holding each otherIf you decide to tell your parents, research what Al-anon has to offer the family members of people who are drinking too much. The organization has meetings all over the world that can help you and your parents learn how to deal with your brother or sister that is drinking on a regular basis.

To become a part of the program doesn’t cost a thing. The meetings and organization continue to survive due to voluntary contributions from its members. There are no qualifications necessary for you and your parents to be a part of the support group meetings. Just find one and get in their and start finding out how you can help your brother or sister stop drinking right away.

sibling is an alcoholicA few of the things that you will learn about will be why they drink and what they personality of an alcoholic is like. This will help you and your parents to not take things personal as they relate to the alcoholic’s problem. Very quickly you will discover that there’s nothing that you have done to cause them to be this way. Their choices to consume alcohol have nothing to do with your behavior toward them.

Most families do not want anyone to know that they are having an issue with alcohol in the family, especially with one of their children. Al-anon will help the parents and children in the family understand that they are not alone in their family problem. People all over the world are being effected by alcoholics. If other families were not dealing with the same issues there would not be so much beer available in the grocery stores. Do your brother or sister a favor and get help by telling an adult you can trust about what is going on behind everyone’s back.

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