What the Real Signs of Alcoholism Look Like

I’ve been sober for over thirteen years now. I know what all the signs are associated with alcoholism. Recognizing them is not difficult. These are not the normal clinical signs that you would hear from a psychologist, but rather real life information from my story of when I battled with being an alcoholic.

One of the first things that is noticeable is that a person will most defiantly be drinking more than usual. This is a subtle change that can only be recognized when someone stops and thinks about it. On the surface, the alcoholic may only let you see that they are drinking once a day, but if you recognize that they used to NEVER drink during the day, then you’re on the right track.

The sooner get educated on Coping With Alcoholics the better.

Behavior patters will for certain change. When they used to go to sleep at ten at night, they may now stay up while everyone else is sleeping in order to have a few before bedtime.

You’re going to see them breaking plans more often or not participating in as many social functions as they used to. For obvious reasons, they do not want to be away from having the freedom to get a drink. They also may be already drunk and cannot appear sober around you.

Lying will increase for sure. What happens is that as WE grow in our suspicions, we begin to ask more questions. This mild form of interrogation causes them to tell lies. As they progress in the decease they will most defiantly become full-blown alcoholic liars.

You will notice their friendships beginning to change. Bird of a feather flock together and alcoholics like to hang out with each other. Obviously, they share common interests. If the new friends seem to be drunk or have alcohol on their breath or in their hand, then this is still another sign to pay attention to.

You will begin to notice that they will catch a quick nap just about anywhere they can. You may be waiting for the kids to get out of school or spending time at the movies. Whatever the case, they will be sleeping in the oddest places.

If you suspect that someone is having a drinking problem, this audio series on Coping With Alcoholics will help you understand how to handle the situation.

Some of the more obvious signs are going to be slurred speech and bloodshot eyes. They may even have a tendency to be rather belligerent at times. They will want to argue and fight more than usual too.

Alcoholism is cunning a baffling for the problem drinker and the friends and family members of the alcoholic. The sooner you can get into a support group meeting the better off you will be. SO DO NOT WAIT for earth shattering signs that they are alcoholics.

You are going to need all the help you can get as they progress in their illness. As they begin to drink more-and-more, we slowly become increasingly obsessed with their behaviors. Before we know it… they are constantly on our minds. Perhaps you are experiencing signs already that you are obsessing over an alcoholic.

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  • Linda

    Here I am again. Back with my alcoholic. Fell for his words again. Been married for 33 years, Trying to understand myself, why I keep coming back. Looking for him to understand my feeling, when I know he can. Looking for him to be truthful. His Jekal/hyde Personalities are hard to deal with.( one way in front of people .behind close doors hes different )Does he hate me? He trys to keep me Isolated. we do nothing socially. He wants me to believe everything he says.I don’t understand how a marriage is to work when his feels are the only ones that matter. He just gets angery when I share mine. The gaslighting has gotten worse.What is it in me that I stay. Whats me to believe he has done everything to make this marriage work. Searching my soul for understanding.

  • Debbi

    Hi Linda:

    I know why you stay–the same reasons I stayed as the behavior got worse–because you love him and you just don’t feel ready to throw away a 33 year marriage. It takes a lot of preparation to make that decision. I toyed with it for many years & then got forced into it when he abandoned me before a major surgery to be with escorts.

    While you take your time to decide how you want the rest of your life to be–find something you enjoy that will CONSUME your time–when I had something I valued to focus on I cared less about what he was doing. Read over all the articles here on detaching & living with an alcoholic while you are in this situation.

    My heart goes out to you but the fact you are reaching out for help shows you recognize this is not good & you are smart to reach out. Stay & post & read what others are going through. It helped me so much. God Bless!

  • Linda

    Thanks Debbi.
    Everything I do he gets angry. Its the Jeckal Hyde that is very puzzling to me. Just wish I could have my husband back. Its like dealing with a 12 year old. Goes of n pods.do they get worse with each relapse. Not drinking or drugs, but same actions. Confusing,

  • Linda

    Debbi, Have not been on for sometime. The a fit throwing is every other day. or its the silent treatment, then telling me he loves me the next min. But this A is not using. Dry drunk! I’m sick of feeling sick all the time. Can’t even go to another room to get away. This A is relentless. Hope your doing well!

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