Strength For Interacting With An Alcoholic

I was just thinking about all of our subscribers and wanted to give you some encouragement for the weekend. Here’s a video I made with a few tips that will give some additional strength while interacting with the alcoholic in your life.


>>>>Audio Lessons On Coping With Alcoholics<<<<


Tips In The Video

  1. Make up your mind to never again have an argument with an alcoholic.
  2. Alcoholics lie and we should try to stop confronting the lies.
  3. Problem drinkers have a tendency to tell us what they think we want to hear.
  4. Broken plans-this is something that most addicts do on a regular basis.
  5. Making changes takes time. We should never give up. Eventually we will begin to experience more peace and serenity in our lives as we stay committed to making changes.

>>>>Audio Lessons On Coping With Alcoholics<<<<

I am encouraging you to absorb as much information as you can about coping with alcoholics. The more strength you get-the calmer you will be when interacting with an alcoholic.


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  • Don Scott

    One spiritual lesson I’ve learned is that pride
    and shame are two sides of the same coin — they
    are both based on some preconceived notion of
    where we think we should be.

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