Implant To Help Alcoholics Not Drink

JC: Nombasa submitted the following article. The implant of Antabuse she refers to is supposed to last for twelve months. The purpose of the implant is to cause alcoholics to get ill if they drink.

Guest post by: Nombasa
Good day everyone, I am a 28 year old lady living with my sweet and loving boyfriend who’s 30 years old. He’s from the rehabilitation center, he started drinking 2 days after he came back from the rehab. We (me and his mother) then took him to a doctor who puts in an implant in the bum that will make alcoholic beverages taste like water and it stops the cravings. After the implant he didn’t drink for 5 days and then he started again. The implant doesn’t seem to stop the drinking, but instead if he drinks he can’t even walk properly or talk.

My problem is that once he gets drunk he starts creating a fight with me and I would try to be calm but it sometimes hurts me. For example: Last weekend he stole money from my wallet and went to drink with it and he said all the nasty things to me.

This thing is hurting me watching someone so young and gifted destroying himself because when he is sober he says all the nice things and he is a great person to be with. The whole thing is now affecting me. I can’t even work. I struggle to sleep and I feel like I’m living for him cause I worry a lot about his safety and his whereabouts.

JC: Nombasa, thanks for submitting your story. I am sorry to hear the implant didn’t help your alcoholic friend quit drinking. I am greatly pleased though that you are aware of how he is treating you. This awareness of his alcoholic personality traits will help you if you do not deny the reality of what you are dealing with. Is he as loving and sweet as you opened the article with or is he not? Only you can answer that question honestly and you must be honest with yourself. There were several articles that came to mind as I read that I feel you can gain some wisdom from.

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