What To Expect After An Alcoholic Quits Drinking

JC: Laura, thanks for your story (below). There are a few things that we can expect will happen when an alcoholic decides to get help and quit drinking. Once he/she quits drinking, there’s going to be a definite change in the substance abuser’s personality.

Here are a few things to expect:

  1. When getting sober through attending AA or some other type of support group program, the alcoholic is going to spend a lot of time away from home. They will go to a lot of meetings. Their entire routine is going to change.
  2. Staying sober becomes the number one priority in their life. This means that friends, family, work and other things will have to take second place.  Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, comes before taking care of themselves in order to stay away from drinking.
  3. There will be many emotional highs and lows that the former substance abuser will go through. An alcoholic is so used to medicating the pain of life away with alcohol that when they have to actually feel all the negativity of life, it can be difficult for all involved. If  they are working a recovery plan, they will learn how to deal with the uncomfortable feelings in a civilized manor.
  4. They are going to stop interacting with people who party.
  5. The alcoholic will avoid any place where he/she may be tempted to drink again or purchase liquor. This can even include not walking by the beer isle in the grocery store.
  6. If the problem drinker decides to quit without getting involved in some sort of recovery program life could be very difficult for all involved. If the alcoholic doesn’t learn how to live a sober life from the wisdom of people who have quit drinking for many years, they are left to their own devices. Oftentimes the anger and rage is worse than when they were drinking.

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changing alcoholicGuest Post From: Laura
I have written a few times in the past during the time that my alcoholic friend was drinking and we separated (from Nov-Feb.13). I worked on “me” to get back to the strong, happy, person that I “was”…while he hit his rock bottom, quit drinking totally and realized I was right about everything.

I’m the only one that has ever stood by his side and didn’t give up on him, he’s sorry, etc. He came home, it was strange at first, like getting to know each other again…even though it had only been four and a half months. No problems, we got along, he still hasn’t drank since January. But for the last few weeks, since he had some stress with his business, and a couple of financial issues, he has become rude, hurtful, and just mean.

NOTHING I say is right, it’s like walking on eggshells! Basically, he has become a complete jackass! All because of this problem that has stressed him out! I guess it could have triggered a manic episode…or is it that, and ALSO because he isn’t drinking, and before when he would get stressed…he would DRINK?

Is part of him “wanting” to drink and he knows he can’t, which is making him act so hateful? I love him, which is why I never gave up on him…and I didn’t do that for almost 5 months, to have things go back to this (even without the drinking).

Has anyone else dealt with someone “after” they quit drinking that behaved in the ways mine is? I really don’t know what to do or expect at this point…just relying on God to lead me to do what I’m supposed to…and pray a lot!

Thanks for listening and for any input.

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