Alcoholic Didn’t Come Home-What should You do?

What should you do if your alcoholic family member, husband, wife, son or daughter didn’t come home last night? Every situation will be different. I will write this post from the perspective that you are confident that they are OK because they have done this type of thing before. My thoughts are always in favor of you protecting yourself and your emotional stability.

If the alcoholic in your life decides to not come home when they were supposed to, what can you do about it? Basically nothing unless you want to waist a lot of your personal time driving around and driving yourself nuts trying to find them. Who wants to live like that? Not me! I’ve already been there and done that and believe me, there’s nothing enjoyable about riding that emotional roller-coaster.

Make sure that you do not argue! Never argue with an alcoholic!

Alcoholic Stays Out All NightHow about doing something you enjoy for a change. I mean after all, aren’t they doing something that they love to do? It’s not fair; so equal the playing field and enjoy your life while they are miserably enjoying theirs.

What should you dowhile they are away?

Try these suggestions when the alcoholic doesn’t come home on time:

  • Get in bed and read a good book until you fall asleep
  • Call a good friend and talk on the phone for a couple of hours until you settle down.
  • Watch a good movie.
  • Go to a friend’s house and spend the night. Stay up until dawn and then go home and crash out.
  • Go late night shopping at the all night Wal-mart.
  • We have to learn how to break the pattern of obsessing over what they are or are not doing and start having some fun ourselves.
  • There’s nothing that you can do about them deciding to not come home, so let it go. You have no control over another person’s action. The only person that you can control is you!
  • Take control of your time. When the alcoholic hasn’t come home when they said that they would, go do something fun.
  • Keep trying things until you stop the stinking thinking about what they are up to. Oh and while you are at it, let go of the anger that you have because they lied to you.

Isn’t this just normal behavior for them? You cannot make them stop lying. If you confront the alcoholic, they are just going to deny everything anyway. You cannot make them tell you the truth. So, let the whole thing go and ignore it. You will be a lot less frustrated in the end and in the morning.

So, the alcoholic didn’t come home, who cares? It doesn’t mean that you don’t love them if you don’t obsess over it. Let them go. Have a good time while they are gone because you know that when they do get home, things are going to be a bit stressful around the house.

I say just get in bed and have good nights sleep. That’s what I think you should do.

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