Reasons People Drink Alcohol Until They Pass Out

Having been around many people in my life who consume alcohol until the pass out, I have some insights into why they drink like this. It seems that disappointment leads them down the road and self-pity finishes them off.

An alcoholic has such a great need to be accepted, needed and loved that the slightest experience of rejection can send them into a tail spin. Once hurt, they will go on a binge until they get plastered drunk and pass out.

I saw this happen time and time again with a good friend who was in love with someone who treated him horrible. She was using him at every turn, but his love for her kept him blind to the mistreatment. Well on second thought it was the continual consumption of alcohol that kept him from seeing things as they really were.

A typical evening would begin with them going out for dinner (which he paid for of course) and then assembling afterwards at a relative’s house for the party time. This was how Fridays always started out. Once both of them would get a few drinks in them, she would start treating him like junk. The pain of rejection from the alcoholic would send him into a tail spin and he would begin to drink until he would pass out. Sometimes he would go to the bad part of town and get a substance that would help him stay awake.

Another close friend of mine could never live up to her mother’s expectations. It seemed as though no matter what she ever did, she was not appreciated by her mom. This would cause her to go into fits of rage which would then lead to her drinking alcohol until she passed out. The sadness would get overwhelming at times as she would binge until going to sleep.

People who drink a lot cannot cope with the normal things in life. The responsibilities of holding down a job, caring for a family or just maintaining the home can be overwhelming to them at times.

The life of many alcoholics is this way. They get up and have a drink. Then, after having several more, they pass out. Around early afternoon, it’s then time for another and another. I’d say that prior to finally going to sleep for the night; many full-blown alcoholics take about six power naps in a day. They just continue to consume alcohol until the pass out and then sleep it off.

As friends and family members of alcoholics, who drink this way, our part in the relationship is to just love them without conditions. Being friends with someone who drinks until they pass out is not easy at times. We can only be hopeful that the pain of dealing with the rejection and overwhelming responsibilities will eventually lead them to their bottom and they will seek out treatment.

They really don’t want to be an alcoholic.

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  • Janet Payne

    I have my own buisness as a house cleaner. I have 8 to 10 houses a week and 2 horses to take care of. I am so spent at night I just want to drink my self to sleep.

  • Cathy Fitzgerald

    I feel so sorry for people who are suffering pain. Emotions are hard to handle. Maybe they are suffering from depression and when they feel bad enough, they need a “state” change, that is, an altered state of mind. They are using the alcohol as medicine but it is the wrong thing. They need to change their life instead.

  • sandy walker

    i have a lot of abuse in mt life drinl 2 times a mont to pass out

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