Freedom From Drinking Alcohol

Stop Getting DrunkSome truths are so easy to understand yet hard to grasp for a person how loves to drink. Obtaining freedom from the addiction of drinking alcohol is simple. I have not had a beverage in over thirteen years now. I know how to get sober and how to stay sober. I’m going to share a few things that will help you to overcome the struggles that you may be having in this arena.

Listen, understand this, THE CRAVING STARTS IN THE ALCOHOLICS MIND! Learn how to block the thoughts that want to take you to the bar or the convenient store. When they come your way, turn them off by focusing on something else.

You must get into the practice of protecting yourself from thoughts that will lead you into slippery places. This is the only way to totally stop drinking. People always want to know what makes an alcoholic stop. You need to know how to stay sober once you have decided to try to quit.

Here are a few things to ponder about quitting drinking.

1) Don’t drink and you won’t get drunk.

2) Once you take that first sip of alcohol again, you’ve started the binge. It’s easy, don’t take that sip.

3) Avoid places and people that will drag you back into the pit of alcoholism.

4) Keep the stuff out of your house. If someone in your home is storing a pile of liquor, ask them to kindly remove it while you are getting your recovery started.

5) No matter how stressful life gets, refuse to entertain even the littlest thought about drinking. Lasting freedom, from drinking alcohol, starts by making right choices when a thought enters your mind. Do this one step at a time and one day at a time and you will win the battle.

6) Get into a routine that works for you. When I quit drinking, I maintained freedom from alcohol by pressing into studying my recovery materials for two hours in the morning. I would get my stinking thinking in order prior to beginning my day.

7) God will help you if you seek after His help.

Woman Quitting Drinking AlcoholWhat I am about to say may ruffle a few AA feathers, but you can announce that you are free from alcohol when you introduce yourself in an AA meeting. I would only suggest doing this after you have been sober for at least a year. I made it a regular practice to do so because after being in the program for a while, I was free from it, just for the day. I never boasted as though I had recovered, but implied that for the moment the addiction had no grip on my life. I would say something like: “Hi, my name’s John and I’m free from alcohol, just for today.” The promises of AA say: “we will know a new freedom and happiness.”

I must give the highest honor where it is due. I know that it was God who was helping me then to stay sober and is still helping me today. I’ll never forget when it literally felt as if the Lord himself reached inside of my head and removed a troubling thought that I was wrestling with at the time. Freedom from the alcohol addiction came through my willingness to seek out help and God meeting me in that place of asking for it.
Hope For Alcoholic
If you really want to get free from your drinking problem, then ask God to take away your desire for a drink. If you are sincere, he will help and the freedom to stop drinking alcohol will come from His mighty hand helping you.

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