Finding Happiness While Living With Alcoholism

Today I am finding happiness in doing the things I enjoy. Alcoholism leaves everyone feeling unloved and not appreciated. When I learned that the alcoholic in my life was not responsible for making me happy, I started doing things that I really like to do. It’s an inside job that takes certain skills in order to make the necessary changes to make us happier. As individuals we are responsible for our own behaviors and choices. Today I can choose to do things that I really enjoy or I can opt to focus on the actions of the problem drinker in my life.

It’s really impossible for someone else to be responsible for making me happy. I must do the things that will bring me happiness. Placing expectations on the alcoholic in our lives to fulfill this need we all have is not rational thinking.

With the repetitive negative behaviors associated with alcoholism, it’s impossible for an alcoholic to make anyone happy. This is why we must learn what is required to succeed at detachment from an alcoholic.

wanting happinessYou can enjoy your life while dealing with active or inactive alcoholism. The way to do this is to start doing the things that you really enjoy with or without the alcoholic.

If you love going to the movies and the addict in your life does not, then go with a friend. Perhaps you enjoy going for walks or riding bikes. Maybe you enjoy camping, fishing, going to the dog, horse or race track. Start enjoying your life with or without the person suffering from alcoholism. Begin taking responsibility for your own happiness.

When I learned this valuable lesson, my life got much better. I had to attend several support group meetings before I really learned how to enjoy life again. Once we are able to stop looking to the alcoholics in our lives to make us happy, things will get better. Alcoholism will steal your joy if you let it; the key is to not let it.

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