Letting God Handle Situations on New Years Eve

The process of letting God take a good handle on various situations that revolve around alcoholics, can be challenging at first. This has to be the hardest thing to get a hold of and yet the most affective thing we can do. The twelve steps of Al anon and AA are designed to teach alcoholics and their friends and families how to trust God.

Because we as family or friends of active addicts have no control over their actions, we must learn how to let go.

Recently a good friend was telling me about his concerns for his three adult children on New Years Eve. After expressing his worry, he then got to the point where he accepted that he had no control over what they would be doing. “I prayed and gave it to God,” was the last thing he expressed. You see there’s no possible way we can control what they choose to do. On the other hand, God is able to gently speak to them wherever they are.

The other thing is friends, spouses and children need to be protected from getting hurt by alcoholics while driving on New Years Eve. This too can be put into the hands of God. These are situations that we have no control over and therefore, we must let them go.

I will say that we must express our love to the people who are dear to us on New Years Eve. Weather they are alcoholics or not.

So, letting go and letting God handle a New Years Eve and the alcoholics in our lives, really is the only choice we have. It’s pretty simple, just talk to God.

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