Stepping Away From Past Alcoholism Hurts Behaviors

leaving behindPast behavior patterns aren’t working. Stepping away from the hurts associated with alcoholism today is the beginning of making changes. Learning to live in the present will bring freedom into your life like you may have never experienced before. When we get bogged down from the horrible things of the past, associated with active alcoholism in our lives, we get paralyzed and miss out on the blessing of a new day. We must learn how to step out of the past and into the present. There is another key to winning at this game; it’s staying away from projecting the fear of the future.

The simple principle that I am trying to convey is used in both the Al anon program and AA, it’s learning how to live life one day at a time. Staying present in the moment is how we move away from past hurts and tomorrows fears.

Yesterday is gone and today is a completely new day. What will you do to enjoy your day today?

Sometimes, I talk to myself and say: “snap out of the depressive state that you are creating. There are so many good things to focus on in a day. When we learn how to change our focus, then we can start to enjoy life. It’s just a simple matter of looking at the things in our lives that we really appreciate and moving away from the depressing situations that we really have no control over anyway.

When stepping away from alcoholism’s past hurts and fears, there is one huge, but simple step you must take first. Forgive the alcoholic who has done devastating damage to you. Here’s the second step, learn how to forgive them on a daily basis. Here’s the third step, learn how to start everyday by being thankful for what you have. Let every new day be just that…a new day! This will help us stay present in today and away from yesterday’s troubles and tomorrows fears.

Most of us have just what we need for today.

So, stepping away from the hurts of an alcoholic relationship is going to require forgiving the alcoholic and starting everyday like it is a new chance to make changes and do things differently.

Major changes come through making minor adjustments on a daily basis. One of the best places to learn how to make these subtle changes is by attending support group meetings for friends, co-workers and family members of alcoholics. It is in that place where you will find help in your time of need.

The saying goes like this; “if nothing changes-nothing changes.” The things that you have been doing up until this moment have not worked. So, it’s time to try something different.

By finding a good support group, you will be stepping away from the methods of the past for coping with the alcoholic in your life and moving into something new. As you begin to make minor changes, through interacting with people who have figured out how to cope with alcoholism, then you will begin to do things differently. Old destructive habits will be left behind and new green growth will begin to offer hope of a new and different way of dealing with alcoholism. Stepping away from the past way of doing things will be easier when you are surrounded by people who can teach you a better way of living.

Listen to me please; you can live a happy life. It is going top require that you find things to enjoy and get surrounded with good people who want to help you become a happier person. May I suggest once again that you find a local support group that can help you deal with the struggles you face everyday dealing with an alcoholic in your life.

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