Experience Less Guilt Stop Saying Things You Don’t Mean

Closed Lips Like This WorksHere’s a huge key to obtaining serenity and having less guilt in your life. Stop saying things that you really do not mean to the alcoholic in your life. This is one of the most important keys to getting peace inside. Once you have control over your tongue, you will have control over your entire life as it is related to living with alcoholism. If you don’t believe me, I challenge you to try and shut-up for a change and see what happens.

What do you have to lose anyway? You’ve been doing the same things over and over and getting the same results, a flood of negativity in your life. Why not just try to control your emotions for a total of three weeks? You will have to do this one day at a time though. Read this article that will give you five keys that will help you stop arguing with an alcoholic.

When we say things that we really do not mean, to the ones that we love with all of our heart, guilt and shame begin to have dominion in our lives. But, when we get control of our words and stop calling the alcoholic names and running their personality in the ground,  there will be no room for us to feel bad about ourselves. The alcoholic will be in a better mood as well.

Do you see how this works? It is the negative words that we heap on others that cause a flood of negative emotions in us and in them.  If the problem drinker hurls insults upon you, choose to not react. Remember, we must change what we have been doing that is not working.

Something In The Silence
Learn how to shut your mouth when you want to call the alcoholic in your life an “addict” or “drunk.” Just zip your lip because those types of things will not accomplish anything positive in your life or theirs. The only thing that that type of behavior accomplishes is making people feel bad. The alcoholic in your life is going to deny anything that you imply, so save your breath and I promise that your life will begin to get better.

There will be a lot less fighting and arguing going on when you can learn how to stop pointing your finger at the alcoholic and be kind and loving to them. Your experiences with peace will increase as the guilt and shame decreases. There will be fewer reasons for making apologies and more serenity in your life. By not saying the mean things that you do not mean, you will protect yourself from the affects of negative emotions.

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