My Friend is an Alcoholic; What Can I Do?

If you are dealing with a friend who struggles with drinking or is an alcoholic what can you do? If you have been trying to get them to stop drinking, has what you’ve been doing been working? If you have been mad at your friend because of their problem, has it caused them to quit? You may think it strange that I ask these questions, but there’s a purpose behind my asking. If I can get you to realize that the things you have been trying have not made them stop drinking, then maybe you will try something different for a change. It might be beneficial for you to read this: Why Can’t Alcoholics Stop Drinking.

We can beg all we want…
We can cry buckets of tears pleading with them to quit…
We can even try to force them to get better…

Fact: You Cannot make someone quit drinking.

There really is not anything that we can do to force an alcoholic to quit.

Here’s what you can do for them and yourself.

  1.  Suggest to them that there are places like AA where they can get help. Make that suggestion once and then do not bring up the subject again.
  2. Love them but protect your own emotions from getting hurt.
  3. Get involved in Al-anon because there are many people in the fellowship  who will help you learn what to do.
  4. Learn about how your alcoholic friend can get help when they finally hit bottom. That way when they say they want help, you can point them in the right direction.
  5. Love them unconditionally with an undying love. When you get involved with Al-anon you will learn how to do this.

The truth is difficult to handle. Here’s the truth: Nothing that you do or say will cause them to quit drinking alcohol.

Here’s another truth, you must learn how to deal with this situation and the quickest way to do that is by interacting with people who do know how to deal with problem drinkers and the affects they have on friends and family. There are specific personality attributes of problem drinkers that are common to the addiction.

Do yourself and your friend a huge favor, find an Al-anon meeting soon. Try the program out for no less than six meetings. I guarantee you that it works if you work it. That is what you can do in answer to the initial title and question of this article. I have had many alcoholic friends; until they are ready to get help, we can only do what is necessary for us to remain faithful friends.

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