Growing Up With An Alcoholic Mother-Thank God For Her

alcoholic momI didn’t realize it until I had struggled with a drinking problem that growing up with an alcoholic would keep me sober in alter years. Watching my mother battle the booze time and time again was educating me at a young age. Little did I know that it would be her fight with alcohol that would teach me the importance of never drinking again.

I never had a true addiction to the substance until I reached the age of thirty five. The pain of going through a divorce and the desperate need to fulfill the void of the loss of my wife ad three children, caused me to look to a drink for relief. It took about three and a half years for me to finally hit bottom. When I did ,I found myself in an AA meeting asking God to take away my desire for a drink. He did just that the same day and has been the true strength of me staying sober.

Soon afterward, I heard someone say that if you pick up a drink again that you will go right back to where you used to be, filthy drunk. This is where I began to thank God for my mother’s life lessons in relation to alcoholism.

You see, at a young age I saw mom go in and out of treatment centers. She would get sober and stay that way for several months and sometimes even years, but the moment she would decide to have a drink, all hell would break loose. It would only be a matter of weeks before she would be falling down drunk again. In the confines of our home she was the teacher of what a closet drinker is and what I did not want to become. That’s where I learned that if you pick up a drink after you quit that alcoholism will take you right down again. I believed what the AA troopers were telling me in relation to alcohol and alcoholism.

They did not have to convince me that the disease is cunning baffling and powerful. I had seen the results of what beer, wine and hard liquor could do to a person with my own eyes.

Now, here I am many years later, totally sober and thankful for the life lessons that I learned form my mother. She did finally get the help she needed and was able to stay sober for thirty years. This obviously was the working of God in her life. The miracle power worked for me too.

If you have a problem with alcohol or know someone who does, the hand of God, Al-anon and alcoholics anonymous are available to help you if you will only reach out for help. My mother did and it worked for her. I did it and it is working for me and I plan on growing very old being totally sober. Everyday I look up toward my maker and ask for help. You can do this too.

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