Ideas For Getting a Lazy Alcoholic to Work More

You must understand that problem drinkers are sick. These ideas, designed to help you in getting an alcoholic to work, will make more sense once you have a better hold on why they are lazy. There are many things to be considered such as the depression that many suffer from because of this drug.

Idea for First Thing in the Morning
Over consumption of this liquid drug makes most people very lethargic. I have known many people who battle with the obsession for having a drink first thing in the morning. These seem to be the types of alcoholics who tend to be the laziest when it comes to working. Once an alcoholic drinks first thing in the morning, their body continues to demand that they get more beer or liquor in their system all day until they pass out. This is why it is called being addicted. Once they continue to feed their blood stream with the depressant, the body just wants to sit around and watch TV all day and sleep. In short, their motivation is totally shot down first thing in the morning.

Remedy 1:
man using dog for pillowDo everything that you can to convince them to not drink first thing in the morning. Even though it is a physical addiction the cravings always start with a thought. You can get a better handle on this concept by reading: Understanding An Alcoholics Mind. If by chance they will listen to your logic, it’s possible for them to actually function for a while during the day. This idea does work for getting lazy alcoholics to do more when they choose to not drink first thing in the morning. The challenge is the physical dependency that they are plagued with. If they have been sucking down drinks first thing in the day for a while, the chances of their physical addiction ruling their actions is going to be high.

Try to Gently Feed Their Co-Dependency
Most problem drinkers live a lonely life. Many of them think they are the scum of the earth. They have a very poor view of themselves and very low self esteem. As long as they stay locked up in this self-pity type of thinking it will take them down into great depression on a daily basis. They can have such a difficult time dealing with situations in life by themselves. This is why they drink so much, to escape from the responsibilities in life that they do not know how to deal with. It’s possible to offer some short term help in this area.

Remedy 2:
sleeping alcoholicI say that this idea should be used sparingly because of the negative effect that co-dependent relationship can have on a person. Let’s just call it being a good friend to an alcoholic who needs a little help getting less lazy and more motivated. Offer to join them in getting their projects completed. This will help them get motivated to get some things done. YOU MUST SET A BOUNDARY though, they must not be drinking or drunk while you help them. Keep this in mind, your expectations must be low and your patients level very high. They will eventually let you down because that’s just the nature of an alcoholic. Don’t schedule time away from your busy schedule. Make sure that you really want to do this no matter what happens.

alcoholic passed outThere are other ideas for helping a lazy spouse, child, friend or relative who is an alcoholic get motivated. Those two suggestions are just some things that I would try. Just remember that love is the most important thing in helping them. They must feel your love for them no matter what. Helping someone who is very lazy due to their alcohol consumption is going to require that you have no expected results in mind.

3 comments to Ideas For Getting a Lazy Alcoholic to Work More

  • marcus

    my wife vomits when she has her first drink of the day why is upsets me to see her in this mess.she also says dosnt like alcohol i love her but she cant stop drinking

  • Tony

    My father is an alcoholic 40 years strong.
    Alchohol Wrecks life’s and god they become selfish.
    My mother does not go anywhere only with friends or when I am free to take her out.
    There house is falling apart due to neglect and age and age of both parents.
    This now falls on an only child to do it all because of years of lazy drink fuelled ways.
    Alcoholism can destroy families and lives.
    They are selfish people and yes they maybe in pain but you try and talk to them seek help etc your wasting your time.
    You can’t help one as they have to want to help themselves.
    They are frustrating and very annoying.
    That’s when they aren’t ranting in a drunken rage.
    Oh and they will make excuse after excuse no matter what it’s regarding.

  • British lady

    TT only to I hope you never have a addiction and are thought the same of!

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