Having Faith While Living With An Alcoholic

cross bible maryIs it difficult to believe that things will work for the good? Having the faith at the same time you are living with an alcoholic can be challenging. For some though it is the constant challenge of dealing with someone who drinks alcohol all the time that keeps them on their knees seeking help from God.

There are many different aspects of faith and depending upon your relationship level with almighty God the concept may be difficult for you to grasp a hold of a the moment. Just like everything in life, we must learn to crawl before we walk. The same is true when we begin to put our trust in a God that we cannot feel, touch or even see. Faith moves us into a different realm than the natural things of our senses. Believing that God can help is where faith begins.

Having a solid connection with God and believing that he is helping you along life’s path is going to be a process that gets established over time. The more big and small miracles that we encounter during living a life of seeking to know Him better-the firmer our spiritual foundation becomes and the stronger our faith will be.

Bible VersesGod’s strengthening power to live with an alcoholic will be evident once God begins to do for you what you cannot do for yourself. In fact, the Al-anon readings state that; “living with an alcoholic is just too much for most of us.” The also let us know that eventually, “God will begin to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves.”

In recovery programs there is a guide that is followed called the twelve steps. They are design to bring us into a right relationship with God. They begin with helping us have an understanding that we are powerless over alcohol and our lives have become unmanageable. Once we see our own powerlessness, then we can begin to believe that perhaps something, someone or even God can help us. AS long as we think that we can change the alcoholic or the situation on our own there is little room for living a faith filled life.

So, if you are desiring to get help for the situation that you are in and you want to get it from God, your starting place is realizing that you have no power over this horrible situation. Oh, you don’t believe me, you still think you have power? Well, just think back to all of the things that you have been trying that are not working at all. In fact, I would guess that there is really nothing that you have tried in relation to getting the alcoholic to stop drinking that has worked.

Faith In JesusWith this in mind I would suggest that you just take a moment right know, humble yourself and ask God to help. What do you have to lose? You have certainly waisted a lot more breath trying to get the alcoholic in your life to stop drinking than you will saying a simple prayer such as; “God I can’t do this, you can, so I’m going to let you.”

Once that is done the next step is to let go and let God. This is where faith must begin when you are living with someone who is an alcoholic. While in our minds it seems crazy that this would make any difference, there are countless people all over the world who can testify that putting faith in God makes a difference. Living with an alcoholic is just too much for us. Give God a try and test the waters of faith today.

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