Tired of Living With Alcoholism

How tired are you of living with alcoholism? This must have been one of the questions that I asked myself prior to joining a support group to help me deal with the constant problems associated with living with a problem drinker.

When I attended my first Al-anon meeting is when I cried uncontrollably until I had finished telling my story. Some how I thought that my situation was uniquely different than some of the others in the room. As they kindly handed me the box of tissues others started sharing about how they too live with someone who has difficulty staying away from alcohol. That day I realized just how exhausted I had become with living with the alcoholic.

Alcoholism will make you very tired when your friend or loved one continues to drink on a daily basis. For many people they enjoy the wonderful world of their spouse or teenage child being sober. This does not mean that life is a bed of roses though. Remember that most alcoholics suffer from a disease of the mind. It’s something that never really goes away, but if the person who had a problem with drinking gets help from support groups living with them can be a whole lot easier than when they were drinking alcohol.

Tired Husband Of AlcoholicI’ll tell you when the person in my life was actively drinking there were some things I was really tired of.

Here’s a list fo the things I was tired of:

1) Staying up waiting for them to get home.
2) Worrying about if they are OK.
3) Being concerned that they would get in an accident and kill someone or even themselves
4) Thinking that they were being unfaithful and having an affair
5) Having to cover the cost of the bills that they were not helping with
6) Hoping they would get better
7) Tired of fighting with the alcoholic
8) Exhausted with the constant ridicule
9) Really tired of the constant mental, spiritual and physical abuse
10) Them being so lazy
11) Never coming home on time
12) Spending money on alcohol
13) The lies were overbearing. They constantly are lying.
14) Being emotionally abandoned
15) Loving the unlovable

man searching for answersI am sure that you can identify with many of the things that I have listed. Here’s the thing, if you w ill get involved in a place like Al-anon things will get better for you. The reason that I can say this is because I have been attending support group meetings and I have learned how to not be so tired of dealing with alcoholism. Once you can get a few tools that will help you cope with the problem drinker in your life, things will get better for you.

They may continue to drink, but you will not get as tired as you used to when putting up with their negative behaviors. Finding happiness while living with an alcoholic is possible. Find a local support group meetings today and learn how to not get so tired of dealing with the alcoholism in your friend, co-worker or family member.

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