Problems Associated in Living with an Alcohol Drinker

There are a number of problems we find associated to living with someone addicted to alcohol. Alcoholism has many personality attributes, but not all of them apply to everyone struggling with the disease. I have had the opportunity of living with several active addicts and have myself been addicted to a few things. I am very aware of the struggles that you are faced with every day and am confident that I can help you learn how to cope with the alcoholic abuser in your life.

As a young man,  I grew up in a home where both parents were alcoholics. This was obviously the beginning of my learning experiences with things associated with problem drinkers. I’ve experienced the frustrations of being ignored, embarrassed, obsessed and feeling rejected or abandoned.

As a teenager I recognized these things related to the situation I was living in:

  1. upset alcoholicEmbarrassment that my friends would be exposed to a parent drunk
  2. Fear of my mom or dad physically hurting themselves, me or each other
  3. I was obsessed with wondering if they had been drinking
  4. I was fearful that they might get into a car accident
  5. I felt responsible for trying to keep them from harm
  6. I experienced anger and a level of disrespect that is unexplainable

There are so many problems associated with living with active alcoholism. Of them, I believe that the constant obsession was the biggest battle on a daily basis. Here is an article that will help you stop focusing on alcoholics behaviors. It was literally horrible, form the time I would awake until I would go to sleep they were always in my mind somewhere.

Fearing for their physical well-being, concern for their safety and worrying about them all the time was a way of life for me. This was until I joined a support group for family members of alcoholics.

That’s when I really began to identify the problems that are related to living with alcoholism in the family. The magic of being a part of some of the group meetings is that as others share I related to their stories and learned how to protect myself and let go of the addicts in my life.

Drunk On Park BenchWhen I realized that I had really bad controlling behaviors toward the problem drinkers in my life, I began to learn how to let them go and start taking care of myself.

You see those of us who are constantly involved with alcoholics are forever trying to take care of them. We pay their bills, call in for them when they are to drunk for work and cover most every embarrassing thing they do with some sort of lie.

If you will take time today to discover where you can start attending support group meetings, I promise you will get more serenity in your life as you start going and continue to do so.

beer in coolerWe do not realize our own behavior changes associated to living with a problem drinker until we begin to make changes. It is in the changes that we start realizing that our entire life has been revolving around the alcoholics lives and we have basically forgotten to care for ourselves.

The alcohol drinker in your life may never quit but, you can change. Make a decision right now to go and find local help in your community for family members or friends of alcoholics. You will be glad that you did.

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