Boyfriend is Drinking Alcohol All the Time

Your boyfriend is drinking too much, what should you do? Associating with someone who is drinking alcohol on a regular basis can be very stressful. Having an addiction like this will effect everyone in the work place, close friends and family members.

What should you do to get them to drink less?
You cannot really do anything will cause them to slow down. Their craving for alcohol will drive them from the moment they away until the go to sleep.

How can I help in this situation?
The best thing that you can do is find help for yourself. I know that’s not what you wanted to hear, but hears the honest to God truth, they will not quit until they hit a bottom and decide to stop for themselves. So, if you’re going to stay with them, you will need to get involved with a support group for friends or families of alcoholics in the area.

Where can I find help in dealing with my boyfriend who’s an alcoholic?

There is an organization called Al-anon. You should be able to find meetings in your area. The organization is made up of family members and friends of alcoholics.

young couple sitting on roof of high riseHow can I quit fighting with an alcoholic?
It takes tow to argue. Just refuse to fight or to get into heated discussions about senseless things. You can learn more by attending support group meetings. The people in those groups can offer you good advice on how to protect your own emotions.

Should I find a treatment program for him?
You cannot force anyone to get help, but it is a great idea to get an education in knowing what recovery programs are available in your area. By doing this you will be prepared for when your boyfriend hits bottom.

What are the dangers associated with his drinking alcohol daily?
The obvious ones are that he could lose his job, fail school, get involved in using other mind altering drugs, get a DUI, or have an accident and hurt himself or someone else. The list goes on and on. You don’t have any control over what may happen to him. You only have control over your own life.

Need Help With Alcoholic BoyfriendWhat should I do if my boyfriend gets arrested?
Consider this, let him suffer the consequences of his own actions and do not bail him out of jail. This will have been his mess up not yours. If you get involved with a support group to help you deal with your boyfriend’s drinking problem, this will be a great source of strength during times such as this. Loving people who care about you can offer sound advice through sharing their own personal experiences. These are tough situations to deal with on your own.

There’s really nothing that you can do to stop him from drinking. You can learn how to deal with your boyfriend drinking alcohol all of the time by finding help in your area for yourself. It’s obvious that you care about him and love him very much. All is not hopeless for his situation or yours either. Really, the only person at this point that you can care for is yourself. By getting involved with an organization for helping girlfriends or boyfriends deal with someone who’s drinking too much, you can learn how to love them without conditions.

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