Unbelievably Irritated With an Alcoholic

Before finding help, I was so unbelievably mad, ticked off and constantly irritated with the alcoholic in my life. Listen, the day I walked into an Al-anon meeting was the best day of my life.

If you have never heard of Al-anon, it is an organization that helps people with their situation of living or dealing with a problem drinker. There are no dues of fees for membership. You just have to find a local meeting and show up.

Are you at the point of wanting to divorce someone, but you love them too much?

Is it likely that your irritation levels are so high that occasionally you just feel like grabbing the alcohol addicted spouse, child or friend and start shaking them saying; “what is your problem, can’t you see what your doing to OUR lives?”

Girl angry at alcoholicI know the pain of all of the emotions that accompany getting irritated on a daily basis with someone who is searching out some way to get high through substance abuse everyday.

Well, in my case, I found my self stuck between a rock and a hard place, because I believed that the bible says; “God hates divorce” and at the same time the only other option seemed to be murder. The problem with the second option is that that’s one of the ten commandments. The other situation I was dealing with was that I loved them dearly. Actually, I was so in love with them that I could not stop thinking about them.

If you can’t stop thinking about the person drinking in your life, read this article on How to Stop Overcome Focusing on An Alcoholic.

Grrr, where was I to turn?

teenager mad at alcoholicThankfully, God answered my prayers and led me to a place where I could get involved with others who were, or at some time had been, unbelievably irritated with the alcoholic’s behavior in their lives.

When I walked into the door of my first Al-anon meeting, I was literally a basket case. It wasn’t long after I opened my mouth to share my story that they handed me a box of Kleenex tissues. I cried through the entire hour meeting.

Afterward a gentleman handed me a piece of paper with his phone number on it and said; “Call me if you need to talk.” That was a life line being thrown in my direction. I so desperately needed someone to talk to about the difficulties that I was dealing with all the time.

If your dealing with a high level of irritation, then you should seek out help by finding a support group meeting for friends or family members of alcoholics. It’s also vitally important to get alcoholism information from reliable sources and to understand what is available for treatment when the alcoholic in your life finally hits bottom. Being prepared for things to change is a wise decision. You may only have a small window of opportunity.

So, you are not alone. Many people in the world are really irritated with the problem drinker in their lives. There’s help if you choose to get involved with some organization in your area that helps friends or family members to overcome the irritations associated with living with an alcoholic. If we don’t find help and try to deal with these things on our own, the situation always becomes too much for us to handle.

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  • Gabby

    Oh gosh do I completely agree with all the same emotions that you get living with an alcoholic. I am no longer in that spot thank God but the pain of losing that relationship lives on within me.

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