The Truth About the Al-anon Movie When Love is Not Enough

Lois Wilson the wife of the founder of Alcoholic’s Anonymous, Bill Wilson, tells the truth of her story in the movie “When Love is Not Enough.” These two amazing people had a unique partnership and vision to see people, who’s lives were being effected by the disease of alcoholism, overcome their daily struggles.

The couple married in nineteen eighteen(1918) Lois’s husband got rich by working on Wall Street. When the market crashed and the great depression hit, Bill began his battle with alcohol. For the next seventeen years his wife stood by her husband as she learned, through real life experiences, how to live with a spouse suffering from this horrible disease. Little did they know that good things would become of their bout with alcoholism.

Lois had no idea that she was in training to start the Al-anon organization which would take on a life of its own. Because of her experiences of holding on when love was not enough millions of friends and family members of alcoholics have been given the hope and training they needed to live one day at a time with the disease of alcoholism.

One has to ask themselves, as Barry Pepper does who plays the part of Bill Wilson in the movie; “what is it that keeps a couple together while battling these wicked storms.”

When love was not enough, Lois obviously turned to God for her strength. There’s one scene in the movie where she is pleading with Bill to swear on the Holy Bible before God that he will quit drinking.

Winona Ryder who plays the part of Lois in the movie says; “There must have been such a staggering love there. She must have loved him so much to have stayed.” There’s such truth in that statement. Having enough love is just one of the anchors that keeps family in a hopeful state.

In nineteen thirty four, Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in Bill’s living room. He quit drinking after having some kind of spiritual awakening. While his fellow recovering alcoholics were staying sober in the living room, Lois had her own organized meetings in the kitchen of their home to help family members who were suffering from the effects of alcoholism.

So, Al-anon was born in the kitchen of Lois Wilson’s home. Both groups would enjoy cookies and coffee as they shared with one another how the lived one day at a time.

Barry Pepper, who plays Bill in “When Love is Not Enough,” says; “Thank goodness that there are people like Bill & Lois Wilson who decided to be selfless and begin these programs when they did. Where would families be without it?”

Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-anon have helped millions of people and for certain have saved countless lives. The visions, dreams and legacy of Lois and Bill Wilson live on as long as the disease exists.

When love is not enough, there remains hope for the hopeless if the family members or friends of the alcoholic’s find the Al-anon program.

It is anticipated that the phone lines of the Al-anon and AA program are going to be ringing off the hook as the movie airs with Winona Ryder who plays Lois Wilson (cofounder of Al-Anon), Barry Pepper who plays Bill Wilson (cofounder of Alcoholics Anonymous), The Lois Wilson Story, When Love is Not Enough, premiering Sunday, April 25, 2010 on CBS.

Without a doubt, there is a local meeting place for both of these organizations because through the decades they have spread world wide.

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