Dealing With an Alcoholic Husband

When dealing with a problem drinker it doesn’t matter if they are your alcoholic child, husband, wife, friend or co-worker. When coping with an alcoholic the methods are all basically the same. These techniques are hard to employ for everyone no matter who it is you are dealing with.

Because there are so many different personality attributes that accompany the problem drinkers persona, I’m going to give you a few tools that can be applied to every situation.

Separating From an Alcoholic Husband

Now, I am not talking about getting a divorce. Learning the importance of separating yourself from their presence is what we will be looking at first.

We need to understand that we should never fight with a drunk, period. This requires learning how to not react to their constant belittling or antagonizing in an effort to get us to have a heated dispute with them.

It’s a good idea to think of some short things to say to them when they try to pull us into some sort of an argument. The idea is to respond in a nice way and then “separate” yourself from them.

Try Saying Some Things Like:

  • I don’t care to discuss that right now.
  • Let me get back to you on that one.
  • You know, you may be right.
  • I understand what you are saying, let me think about that for a while.

After you say these short sentences, try not speaking any more other than to tell them that you are going into the other room to read or something. Just do whatever it takes separate from your husband so that there’s not a fight.

Help Accepting My Alcoholic Husband

Your husband has an addiction. Accepting this fact will help tremendously in settling your anxiety. This is a physical and mental stronghold on his life. One of the difficulties that wives have in dealing with an alcoholic husband is that they are jealous because they are always second place to the drink. You may not like this, but as long as he is chasing after the booze, you will always be second place. This is something that you must accept.

He is very sick with the disease of alcoholism. Chasing after the next drink is what they do all day long. Try not to take it personally. Your spouse constantly obsesses over where he will get the next drink from. It’s just the way alcoholism works.

There are literally hundreds of tips on coping with an alcoholic in our audio series, “Secrets to Dealing With Alcoholics.” There’s no way I could possible give you enough in this article to make a lasting difference. However, you will find a treasure full of information if you decide to buy the lessons.

I can guarantee you that things will get better in “your” life after applying the techniques that we share in the audios on coping with alcoholics. Dealing with anyone in life who is being difficult, especially your husband, will become much easier.
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