How To Quit Thinking About The Alcoholic

Thinking About AlcoholismIf someone had NOT taught me how to stop the crazy thinking patterns, I may have destroyed the relationship I had with the alcoholic in the family. Only once in my life had I ever thought about someone all of the time. That was when I first fell in love with a girl in elementary school.

Have you noticed that your mind is revolving around and around everything the alcoholic does, says, doesn’t do or say? I had the same kind of obsession with the problem drinker, really bad! Don’t despair, there is hope for getting relief from the tormenting thoughts. There are ways of coping with alcoholics that really work wonders.

Try A Few Of These Things

  • Adapt the mindset that you will not allow them to live in your head rent-free. If they are not paying rent to be inside of your head, they must get out.
  • Refuse to argue with an alcoholic. This will help your mind to be more peaceful because you will have less frustrating events to replay in your thoughts.
  • It’s all a matter of focus. What we focus on constantly gets bigger in our minds. Thinking about an alcoholic all of the time can be combated by doing things that you really enjoy. Take time to pamper yourself for a change.
  • Dealing with the fear of what an alcoholic might say or do is a big hurdle to jump over. It would be wise to memories a few of these suggestions found here: Setting Boundaries With An Alcoholic
  • Practice letting them live their life and you live yours. “What do you mean by that?” Here is a really good article on Letting Go Of An Alcoholic.  The sooner you get the tools needed to help you remove your mind and emotions from them-the better off you will be.
  • This one is my favorite, don’t even look at them when they are around. This will help keep your mind from thinking about what the alcoholic has been doing. Find things to do that will help you keep your focus off of them when they are around. You know, wash the dishes, tend to the plants, go for a walk. Just do anything that will help you not obsess over them.
  • Talking on the phone with a good friend can help tremendously. Especially if the friend you are talking with attends your alcoholism support group meetings. If you are not attending any meetings, I highly suggest that you find a few in your area to try.
  • Attend alcoholism support group meetings designed to help friends and family members cope with alcoholism in a loved one.

I used to think about the alcoholic constantly. From the moment I awoke, my entire day was riddled with thoughts of them. In order to change your thinking patterns, learn all that you can from people who know how to deal with alcoholics. There are proven methods that have been working miracles for decades. The techniques we share in our lessons on coping with an alcoholic will radically change your life. There are tips we give that will help you get control over your thinking patterns as they relate to interacting with an alcoholic.

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