Ways Of Helping A Recovering Alcoholic Stay Sober

alcoholic relapse preventionAll of us are familiar with the term ‘Alcoholism’. It can be simply defined as a condition in which a person is addicted with consuming large amounts of alcoholic beverages, which are detrimental for the drinker’s physical as well as psychological health. People are who alcoholics need as much help as they can from professionals as well as their friends and family. However, that’s easier said than done. When helping a recovering alcoholic, there are a lot of things which you need to teach yourself  so that you can properly help the said person. One of the most important things which you have to learn is how to stay calm. Recovering alcoholics need ‘support’ and the best support system they can ask for is from you. Here you will get to know about a few things which you need to understand about recovering alcoholics and how you can stay calm.

The Recovering Alcoholic

Living with an alcoholic isn’t easy, and it has a lot of challenges which you will have to face. You need to understand that the person will never stop being an alcoholic, and that’s why the term ‘recovering alcoholic’ is used. It’s a life-long struggle, and you have to support the person as well. A relapse is very common. However, it doesn’t mean that all your hard work is hopeless. There are a lot of alcoholics who have been successful in turning their lives for the better, but it’s a long struggle for them as well.

You need to understand that recovering alcoholics are in a lifelong fight. They will even lie in order to get some alcoholic beverage inside their bodies. They might even lose their temper when interacting with you or they might try to trick you into giving them some sort of drink.

This is where you will have to be strong and stay calm when dealing with such people. The things which you need to remember are; Don’t take it personally

Recovering alcoholics can’t help what they say or do. That’s why you shouldn’t take things too personally. Don’t think that by preventing them from drinking and making them go through some sort of pain is your fault. If you don’t help them, no one will. They will lash out to you and say rude things. That’s why you need to deflect everything they throw at you and understand that you are doing what you can in order to help them.

They will lie

They will lie in order to drink. They will say that they are fine and that you can leave them home alone or let them go out without any supervision. You won’t lose your temper when you realize that they will lie in order to get what they want. Not only that, they will try to blackmail you or trick you as well.

Work on yourself

You need to give time to yourself as well. You can’t help a recovering alcoholic if you aren’t able to give yourself the proper help and make yourself ready to handle the struggles you will have to face. There are many support groups meant for the families and friends of  alcoholics, and they can help you remain calm. You will be able to learn about new and effective ways to help those in need.

Don’t end your life

People who stop living their own lives are the ones who have difficulty in remaining calm. Don’t stop going to work or living your life. You need to be strong if you want to help your recovering spouse or family member. By living your life, you will be able to remain calm and be able to cope better with stress.

Feel free to comment and share other things, which can be done in order to remain calm when helping recovering alcoholics.

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