How I Escape From The Insanity Of Alcoholism

Music is a great way for me to escape from the worries in life. I’ve found that music is one of the easiest ways for me to not only detach from the insanity of alcohol and drug addiction, but it also lifts me out of the pit of despair.

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  • Mel

    My problem seems to be in handling my 2 year old without his father here. My Al/Boyfriend, is living in a Sober Living House and has since estranged himself from me. He claims he no longer wants to be around me, therefore, he has stopped coming home on the weekends which is when he used to spend time with our son. For the past 2 months his behavior went from attached to us to completely detaching from us. For me, it was a good thing, because we were so codependent on one another and we had to learn to deal with this situation on our own. But my problem is seeing my son so alone. Since the AH has had a change of feelings for me I find it sad that he has also cut back on his relationship with our son. So what now? How can they be so cold and uncaring for their own children? What do you think happened to make him have such a drastic change of mind about me? We were inseparable for 4 1/2 yrs, and now he’s gone and I sit here with my son wondering, what now??

  • Bill

    Mel, where the two of you able to talk about why he wanted to pull back from the relationship?

    There’s a good side, he’s sober right?

  • Mel

    Bill, thanks for your reply. No, to your question. He just pulled back and seems to not have a worry in the world. I feel like I’m in the dark about his new life. I don’t know anyone he associates with now. it’s like he’s in another world when really he is only 5 miles away from our home. That makes it so hard, I have suggested he move back to his home state or to the town in came from, he has no one here, (maybe a new girlfriend) but he had moved here for me and now I know nothing about him. And I think he IS sober.

  • Sarah

    From my experience, this seems to happen when they go to treatment or sober living and meet another person. They have such a false sense of intimacy there and even though a recovering person isn’t supposed to enter a new relationship until about a year of sobriety, they often do with other recovering addicts.

  • JC

    Mel, I’m with Bill on this one. It sounds as if there needs to be a sincere heart to heart conversation with him.

    It’s difficult to become vulnerable, but is necessary to clear the air. When we are left to our own devices to try and figure out what another person is thinking, we will find ourselves in a very unsettled state. I really feel that it’s important to try and talk to each other and reason things out.

    The tricky part is talking when he isn’t under the influence of alcohol. If he is in a “sober house,” then you shouldn’t have trouble catching him when he is not intoxicated.

    This is a situation that requires attention. Once you have put forth the effort, then you can escape from the insanity if necessary.

    Do it for for yourself, your son and for the sake of having peace of mind. We are here to support you in your efforts.

    If you have Al-anon in your area, go to a meeting pronto!

    I guess I should have asked, do you want to have an intimate relationship with him?

  • Ross

    It’s nice to see people using ways to get their mind off of the dysfunctional, hard things and breathe and enjoy something.
    Life is too short and I have spent too much time focusing on all thats wrong. There is alot, truthfully. But to get out of my defeat and hurt, i have had to put into practice, living and enjoying things and redirecting my depressive thoughts into hope and good things, that i enjoy.Because i have missed out on so much , and havent become the better for it. It looks like this person is finding peace and serenity. I hope i continue to grow in this area-i like what ive gotten so far. I hope all of us breathe and enjoy a moment and progress into more of it.

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