Facing The Challenge Of Alcoholic Relationships

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You may not know this about JC (founder of the Alcoholic’s Friend website), fourteen years ago he had a battle with alcohol addiction, went to AA, cried out for help and has been sober ever since. Eleven years ago he crawled into the rooms of Al-anon because he was totally frustrated form associating with an active alcoholic and prescription pill addict.

Through the years he’s remained connected with both programs. He’s attended thousands of support group meetings, interacted with thousands of like-minded people, read many books on alcoholism and has helped thousands all over the world learn how to face the many challenges associated with problem drinkers.

You see, he understands firsthand what it is like being addicted to substances. He also knows all too well what it’s like being obsessed with an alcoholic/addict’s behaviors.

The products sold on this site have been born through years of JC living through the challenges associated with being addicted to alcohol and addicted to the alcoholic. Through and “in” it all, he has been able to master the art of maintaining a happy, joyous and free lifestyle. He also gives God all of the glory for the freedom from bondage associated with alcoholism.

JC’s promises are that as people diligently apply the secrets, tips, methods and techniques that he shares, they will find themselves living a happy, joyous and free lifestyle.

What’s the challenge that we are all faced with?

Changing behavior patterns we have become so familiar with is the pathway to overcoming the challenges we seem to be stuck in.

You know, nothing changes if nothing changes. The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again expecting different results. We can either change our attitude or change our address.

It’s important for you to know that the Secrets To Dealing With Alcoholics lessons and the video series that is soon to be released are filled with the very best gold nuggets that are scattered throughout our site. That’s right, all the good stuff has been condensed into the products that we sell.

Our lessons are not filled with statistics or designed to actually help you understand the alcoholic’s behavior from a psychological point of view.

The products we sell are “specifically” designed to help you overcome the challenges associated with dealing with an alcoholic. They are geared toward teaching you how to live with and love an alcoholic without conditions.

There are four foundational things to learn in order to be successful at living a happy, joyous and free lifestyle, learning how to set boundaries, learning how to let go of the alcoholic, mastering detachment and putting an end to enabling. Once you have the secret keys to help you change your behaviors in all these areas, you will experience more peace, serenity and happiness in your life.

The Alcoholic’s Friend staff and community of readers are here to help you face the challenges you are up against today that are associated with dealing with an alcoholic or drug addict. You can live a happier, joyous and more free life. It all starts with the decisions you make right now in this moment.

Contributing Author: Timothy Odum On

3 comments to Facing The Challenge Of Alcoholic Relationships

  • Linda

    Thanks JC for this web site….I have got more helpful tips here,Then from al-anon meeting. I am ordering your cds today.

  • uncadiane

    Linda, just a quick comment. The reason you got more helpful tips here is because we don’t give advice in Al-Anon. We only share our personal experiences and what was helpful or not helpful to us. JC’s tips, website, cds, etc. are great; but you can’t get these kinds of specific do’s and do not’s at an Al-Anon meeting. That’s why it’s good to avail yourself of all kinds of help.


  • JC

    Uncadiane, the one thing I love about everyone’s sharing here is the diverse mixture of views. I think it helps us all see more clearly the reality of what we are entangled in. Especially when someone pointblank says: “You’re being abused; get your kids and yourself out of harm’s way.” It’s good to have hope that things will change and at the same to have someone help us see the reality of how insane our lives have become. I am amazed at what happens with individuals as we encourage one another to face the challenge of making changes to better our lives.

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