My Mom is Drunk-Embarrassing When Friends Come Over

Help SIgnAfter school, you never know what to expect when you get home. My mom would be drunk all the time. It would be very embarrassing to bring friends over the house. I’ll never forget how awful it felt to be on the way home and in the back of my mind always wondering if she had been drinking again. Every time I would have a friend with me, the feelings of fear were magnified a lot.

A parent drinking too much is a common thing. You are not the only kid who is going through a difficult time. If you follow some of the steps that I have given below, offering ways to deal with an alcoholic parent, life will get better for you. Mom may or may not stop getting drunk, but you can learn how to live in the difficult situation.

I hated going to my own house!The emotional pain was hard to deal with as a teenager.

This To Shall PassDon’t lose hope if there’s a family member struggling with an alcohol addiction.
Eventually my mom got help for her drinking problem and remained sober by attending AA meetings. She was able to stop drinking for over thirty years before she passed away.

Here are a few tips to help you cope with the situation if your mother is drinking alcohol all of the time.

1)    Find a local Al-anon/Alateen group. There will be a lot of people there who understand the pain and hurt that you’re experiencing. You will make many friends there. Participating in the meetings and interacting with the group will be very comforting for you.

2)    Read as many things as you can find on how to deal with an alcoholic parent.

3)    Talk to close relatives about what’s going on in your home. It’s OK to tell other people about your moms drinking problem. By doing this, they may just decide to try and convince mom that she has a problem with drinking too much alcohol.

4)    Love your mom no matter what. Even though you may feel really angry towards her, it’s important to love her. She needs your love.

Never Argue With A Drunk5)    Zip your lip. Try your best to not fight with your mom about her drinking problem. I know this is hard to do. Arguing and fighting never accomplishes anything positive. In the end you will be the one who feels awful about the things that you said to your mother while you were mad. By not fighting, you will be protecting yourself from feelings of shame and guilt.

6)    If you decide to have friends come over, let them know that your mom drinks too much sometimes before they come over. This will prepare them for what they my experience when they get to your house. Who knows, one of their parents may have a drinking problem too.

I really used to hate it when my mom would be drunk. We would fight and argue all of the time. I used to look for the bottles of alcohol and try to throw them way. This never helped because she would get in the car drunk and go get more.

Remember that even though it’s embarrassing to have friends over because your mom’s been drinking; tell them ahead of time that she may be drunk. Do your best to be kind to her when your friends are with you. Actually, try to be kind to her all of the time. Find an alateen or AL-anon group to be a part of. They will help you deal with this problem in the family.

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