Getting Through The Holidays With An Alcoholic

I prepared a short video that highlights some very important guidelines for getting through the holidays. This is the season when the alcoholic or addict will be wanting to really cut loose and enjoy their time off work, and I’m sure you want to enjoy your holidays as well. These are just three of hundreds of lessons we teach in the series on Coping With Alcoholics. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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  • Karen

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you also JC and all of us out there who are with the A in their life.
    Thankyou for the helpful ideas on how to deal with the A in our lives. I have been free of the AB in my life for a month now and although I do miss him in some small ways I am even more grateful for the peace,quiet and serenity in my life. I find myself smiling and laughing more often now rather than angry,furstrated and disappointed in the behaviour of the A.
    My friends have also noticed a diffence in me and have commented “it is nice to have Karen back again”.
    My anxiety level has decreased substantially and I sleep better. So,in essence it was the right decision to make.
    May the holiday season be happy and fruitful for all of yous.
    Remember,be good to yourself,be kind to yourself,and be selfish…enjoy the season and forget about the A in your life.
    Love to all,

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