Going To The Gym Is Helping The Alcoholic To Not Drink

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JC:Kay, thanks for sending in your story. I think it’s wonderful that your husband will go to the gym with you and to hear it is actually helping with his alcoholism. He is probably going to drop a few pounds as he continues to work out and not drink as much.

Guest Post From: Kay
Here’s what’s beginning to look like a silver lining in the dark cloud! I am married to a functional alcoholic or shall I say till a fortnight ago. Recently I got a bright idea of gifting him with a whole years gym (paid extra for a special personal trainer) spa and a massage package. It cost me an arm and a leg, and this was also a shot in the dark, as I was not really sure if he would ever bother going. Thankfully, he felt pressured and came along. Now here’s the good news …his drinking has come down by 50% and my fingers are crossed. By he time he gets home he is physically exhausted and cannot wait to hit the bed. It is one day at a time – let us hope the bliss continues. I also had a consultation with his doctor as he is a heart patient as well as grossly over weight and just turned 60! I could never ever convince him to go to a rehab or cut down on his binge drinking, but this gym business seems to be working at the moment.
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5 comments to Going To The Gym Is Helping The Alcoholic To Not Drink

  • L.

    Great Gift! However, I would still keep my expectations low and return to Step 1. All the best.

  • H.R.Bhasin

    So far so good. May God be with you in your honest attempt. Miracles do happen .

  • I have found yoga to be very helpful and there are
    many people practicing yoga for recovery .
    In combination w other support too.
    The best part about the gift for the gym was the
    hope and love with which it was given
    THAT is as important as can be
    But I am understanding much better why that can
    be so difficult for families
    The article about what addiction does to families
    Is the best explanation ( as the A in my situation)
    that I’ve read….

  • To J C
    Would it be ok to post about an online event
    That the sponsor would like passed on to help
    Those in recovery?
    I don’t want to post if inappropriate….

  • Hello all
    I just wanted to pass along an invitation for a
    conference online this weekend for recovery.
    It seems to have soeakers about the effect on the
    family also.which you /I know is a huge piece of this.
    The link is

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